Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Week of Modest Dress

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Some ladies around the Blogosphere have been posting pictures of themselves going about their everyday routine in dresses. Many of us ladies wear dresses and skirts all the time, and others have asked how we play with our children, do our housework, exercise, in dresses. Candy decided to show some ladies doing just that on her blog, and asked for ladies to post pics on their blogs too. This kind of thing appeals to me, so I had to get in on the action on this one. I'll post pics each day for a week (if I can keep my son Andrew taking pictures!), and you'll see a little bit of our life as a pastor's family, as well as see how another lady and her daughter (though not so many pics of her - she's camera shy!) live out their conviction of modest dress in their everyday lives.

Here I am this morning, as Samuel and I left the house for our walk. I alternate between two denim skirts for my exercise each morning. This one has a patch on one side, so it's not nice enough for anything other than exercise or dirty work like gardening or heavy cleaning.

In the next two pictures I'm doing some laundry. I've had a shower, fixed my hair and makeup, and dressed for the day. I'm wearing this dress today (it's a little nicer than most of my everyday dresses) because I'll be going out later in the day to do my grocery shopping. I wear tennis shoes and socks in the house all the time because my feet hurt really bad if I don't have some type of arch support. When I go out, though, I put on something that goes a little better with a dress; in the summer, it's sandals, and in the winter it's casual shoes of some sort. We get lots of rain in the winter, so we have to wear weather-resistant shoes.

Here I'm working in our bedroom, cleaning the baseboard heater. I use FlyLady's system for keeping up with my home, and this week's zone is the master bedroom. I included this because so many women ask how you can clean or play down on your hands and knees. I've never had a problem with it - I would imagine it's the same way you'd do it in slacks - just get down there and work!

Here are Samuel and I returning from the grocery store. You'll notice that he's doing the heavy carrying. That's one of the advantages you gain as your children get older! I realized today that I don't do a lot of the everyday things like washing dishes, sweeping, folding laundry, wiping down the bathroom. My kids are big enough to do these as part of our family working together each day. So I guess I'm a little spoiled, but I do appreciate the work they do!

Beginning supper! I wear an apron when I cook to keep from ruining my clothes. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten grease stains on my tops, so I started wearing aprons. They look old-fashioned, I guess, but they sure are handy for wiping your hands when you're cooking! The one I'm wearing here is from a friend of mine who had her daughter make it for me. Beth is helping me unload the dishwasher so we can put the dishes in as we cook.

And here's where you can find me a lot of the time - at the computer!
Here are some books I recommend if you'd like to know more about modest dress (Disclosure). Please note that I may not agree completely with every point in these books, but I feel they offer enough valuable information that they are worth the read.


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  1. Carolyn10:38 PM

    I love it Susan! Wooo Hoooo what a great blog today. Do it again! :)

  2. After making such an investment in clothing, we're good stewards to wear aprons while we cook, no? Pretty one, Susan. Looks like one I wear. Great job.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog from Candy's post with your link. Whoever knew there were so many neat ladies out there who dress decently? And why aren't they ever anyplace I go so I'm not the only one in a skirt? This far along in the game it definitely doesn't bother me, but wouldn't it be nice to find a kindred spirit at some function? :)

    I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your day. I'll have to check back again and read other entries in your blog.

  4. I'm glad you stopped by, Deb! I know what you mean about being the only one - and it IS too late in the game to care about that now! We're out there - we're just scattered all over the place. Don't give up!

  5. I loooove your pictures! I loooove dresses and skirts and I think all of you are such an inspiration to others in what you are doing. Awesome...just awesome!

    Love and God's Blessings,

  6. Mrs. Michelle Messer7:45 AM

    I've loved all the responses because of Candy's blog! I already wear dresses alot (when they're not all in the laundry : ) but it also gave me more inspiration to not have idle hands and be lazy around the house - that's hard not to do when you're 6 months pregnant! So thank you. I also wanted to comment on aprons - for those of you who sew, I had the idea to make an apron entirely out of kitchen towels. Mine is super-absorbant and I never have to locate the closest towel in my kitchen b/c I'm wearing it! If you want to know how I did it, email me at

  7. momofate8:59 PM

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  8. monica fernandez11:53 AM

    Hello, I really appreciate what you are doing and feel so inspired by it. We have made more change, as a family during this 2006 year, than in the whole 8 years of our family's existance. I have three girls and one boy. I started wearing only skirts and my 11 year old watched me change on the outside because of a previous change on the inside and it inspired her to change her dress as well and I am so blessed it was God changing her heart rather than us imposing a rule. the Lord works in beautiful and gentle ways. I find myself the only woman wearing skirts and dresses even in church but I know my Lord and my husband are well pleased with my attire. Thank you and please pray for strength for me.

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  10. I have been dressing Modest for 21 Years now. I also sell Modest dresses, Let me know if any one is looking to buy any.

  11. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I am just beginning to understand the importance of dresses. I would consider myslef modest, but after reading my bible more I am feeling the pull to separate my self from the world and stand out. I always have that voice in my head how will I ... in a skirt/dress. Funny thing is once I started wearing dresses I could not remember what went in the blank. Anywhoo...thanks for sharing.

  12. Anonymous6:59 PM

    hey i am a regular teenage girl and i dont usually wear skirts i wear jeans capris and t-shirts and blousis(sry if i spelled that wrong) either way i dont think women should have to wear skirts all the time. i think it makes life a lot harder-u cant really run or dance-especially for myself since i take dance class and wear sweats or tights or jst spankies-i do think som girls take it ovr board by wearing shorts to school and noodle straps or whatever but i like to find the middle i dont think we have to dress tooo modest and should be happy that god gave us pretty leggs and its ok to wear jeans to slightly show them off without them being all out there- also i think the ankle length skirts make women look a lot bigger unfortunatly.... but yeh thats my opinion and hope u reaspond or somin but uhhh yeh as they say these days ttyl!

  13. Anonymous ~~ You are surely entitled to your own opinion . . . just as I am! This post was written several years ago, so you didn't just run across it by accident, which leads me to believe you either have some slight interest in modest dress or you just want to stir something up! :D Feel free to come back!

  14. How refreshing to find your article! I gave up pants/shorts, ect when I was 8 years old when my Preacher said, "girls should dress like a lady!" I know I didn't totally understand what he meant but I told my Mom I wasn't wearing those clothes anymore. That was 30 years ago! My husband just told me that week when discussing finding a Church and whether it was important or not if the Pastor's wife shared our beliefs of modest apparel. He said, "Honey, I think you have to realize that Conservative Christian women have left you behind. You are now in the minority." He's right, but I don't do this because it's popular. I do it because it's what the Bible says to do! It's so nice to find like-minded folks! Thanks for the encouragement! =)

  15. Do you wear aprons much ? Loverly floral apron and skirt!

    1. I do wear aprons quite often, because I hate getting spots on my clothes while I cook. Thanks for the comment!


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