Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ministry Last Week

Sorry to have disappeared again! Last week ministry looked like this:

Monday: Valentine's dinner for church couples. We used a room at a local restaurant and decorated it ourselves. I made candle holders from vintage mason jars. I bought paper heart doilies at the Dollar Store, punched out pink and red hearts in two sizes from shimmery card stock, stamped a heart design on the smaller one, and tied them to the jars with twine. I also added some little red berries from an old Valentine-heart wreath I had bought but never used. Then I partially filled each jar with epsom salts and added a tea light candle. I loved how they turned out! We also ordered cupcakes and wrapped them in little cupcake boxes covered in cellophane, with little heart tags. And we had a photo booth made from a canvas paint cloth, with several props. It was a blast! Our most popular game involved three couples, a tube of lipstick, and kisses all over husbands' faces. Hilarious!

Some of the jars at home, after I finished making them

On the table, candle lit, at dinner
Tuesday: Helped an elderly friend with her grocery shopping and banking while I did my own grocery shopping. Hope to fix dinner, then Tuesday night enjoyed coffee with a church member.

I am amused by simple things, like finding a face on my husband's piece of pie
Wednesday: Home all day, but had nursery at church that night. Brought home two small girls, ages 3 years and 18 months, to babysit for the weekend while their parents took our teens to winter camp in Alberta.

Thursday - Saturday: Taking care of above-mentioned little girls who are early risers. Like 6:00 am early! Lots of answering questions, snuggling, reading books, kissing boo-boos, refereeing sibling spats, changing diapers on the toddler, going potty with the big girl, bathing, cooking, feeding, cleaning up under the table, running up and down the stairs. They napped for 1-2 hours in the afternoon, then went to bed at 7:00 and 7:30 each night. By then I was exhausted! This is why God gives most of us our children when we are young!

All sweet and snuggly after their baths
Sunday: Getting two little girls ready for church, cooking breakfast, preparing meat and veggies for lunch, then getting myself ready for church. Played piano for morning service. Home for lunch and a nap. Back to church for the evening service, picking up above-mentioned elderly friend for the service and taking her home again afterward. Got sandwiches at Subway for supper. Came home and crashed.

The drive into town for church on Sunday morning - we've had sunshine all week, but it's still cold, right around freezing. Notice that most of our snow has melted away
Last week was unusually busy! But every now and then, that's how our week goes - so busy with ministry opportunities that I can barely think. I am not complaining at all; this is our chosen life, and it's our privilege to serve the Lord and others. Just sharing with you a little of what life looked like for me last week!

The new necklace Wes gave me for Valentine's
What's up in your neck of the woods?


  1. Love the jars Susan!!! Looks like something I would like to fix up! I can't imagine taking care of little ones like that for a few days! You are a better woman than I am!! I agree, children are for young folks! LOL!

    1. Not a better woman at all! LOL Just doing what needed to be done to help our friends. I'm not so sure I'll be all that great at keeping grandchildren when the time comes!

  2. I agree ... you are a better woman than me, too. Looking after little ones (even grandchildren) is just not my forte!

    Looked like a fun week. The jars turned out so pretty ... and I love your necklace!

    1. Like I said above, not a better woman at all! I find it harder to be patient with the little ones, and I was not a patient mother of littles either. But we made it through the weekend! :)

  3. Cute jars! I miss Valentine's Dinner. The church we were in when we were first married used to have Valentine banquets, but we haven't been in a church that had them since then. Our last church had couple retreats Valentine's weekends, but I always felt like a banquet or dinner would be more accessible to more people.

    With our little Timothy I'm rediscovering sweet things about little ones that I had forgotten and love it and him, but I do get worn out very quickly and have often had that same thought, that that's one reason why God gives us kids when we're younger.

    Love the heart necklace!

    Last week was busy here because I decided to make Valentine's cards for all the family - posted about them on Monday. I enjoyed it and they loved them, but it did take up a good chunk of the week. This week we're getting ready for my daughter-in-law's birthday this weekend.

    1. A couple of years my husband decided to offer free babysitting for the couples in our church so they could go out to dinner alone. They loved it; me, not so much! ;) I was glad he decided to do a group dinner again this year, and I hope he continues to do so. It's a lot of fun to get together with other couples with no children to tend to.

      I do love the little ones so much. The two we kept last weekend are almost like "grandchildren" to us. But there is always that tiredness factor thrown in! LOL I just can't keep up with their energy and questions anymore!

      I saw your Valentine's cards you made last week! They were beautiful, and I know they meant so much to your family! Enjoy celebrating your daughter-in-law's birthday this weekend!


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