Saturday, February 07, 2015

Worth the Read

Welcome to my weekly feature, Worth the Read, where I share with you the things I've read this week that have blessed me, inspired me, or convicted me. So grab a cuppa and join me. I hope you'll find something that you feel is worth your reading time!

How Not To Become An Old Biddy - This is the top blog post I read this week! I'll be turning 50 this year, so the topic of aging is much on my mind. Barbara gives excellent, scriptural advice on growing old graciously - no matter what your age now. You are becoming right now the woman you will be. Don't be an old biddy!

Ten Things That Will Improve Your Life - I appreciated this back-to-basics type post that reminded me of the priority of my walk with God, while at the same time reminding me that it's not all about a list of do-good-things that will make me acceptable to God.

Intimacy or Familiarity - Another great reminder that walking with God is meant for intimacy with Him, not just familiarity. There is no substitute!

7 Lessons From 50 Shades of Grey - I haven't read the book and do not plan to watch the movie, but apparently millions of people have and will. I believe this blog entry is important to read. Not pretty. Not fun. Not entertaining. But so very necessary.

8 Lessons From the School of Prayer - This is a great article - and very convicting - about prayer and the lack of it in our lives. Good read!

Praying For Adult Children - This one resonated with me because . . . well, I have adult children! Many of you do also, and if you have small children now, someday they will be adults!

A few crafty things: 

Free Patterns to Sew For Valentine's Day - A few patterns and tutorials for Valentine's crafts.

15-Minute Pillow With French Seams - This looks very easy, even if you're a beginning seamstress.

The Most Popular Valentine's Day Ideas and Printables - Tons of good stuff here!

14 Snacks You Can Make at Home Instead of Buying - You just might find something here you want to try!

What worthy reads have you come across this week? Share with me in the comments!


  1. Great links Susan. Looks like I'm gonna have to take some time tomorrow and do some reading. BTW, do they say "cuppa" in Canada or is that left over from the UK?

    1. I hope you enjoy the reads, Tori! "Cuppa" is just what I've read often on other blogs, and I thought it was homey or comfortable sounding, so I started using it on the intro to this weekly feature. I don't know if they use that word in England - maybe?!

    2. By the way, that cuppa in the picture was in England! They had THE strongest coffee there, and no matter how much sweetener or cream I put in it, it still felt that my head was exploding. Is the coffee strong in Croatia? Do you like strong coffee? I'm more of a medium-blend girl myself.

  2. Thanks so much for the link and the kind words!

    I had read a few of these already this week - good stuff. I enjoyed the free Valentine's patterns and "pinned" a few of them.


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