About Our Family

We are the Wes Hutchens family, and welcome to our blog!

We're a family of six: Dad, Wes; Mom, Susan; Son, Sam, age 26, and his wife, Juliana; Son, Andrew, age 23; and Daughter, Beth, age 22. We are originally from the Deep South - and I have the accent to prove it - but God allowed us to come to Canada in 2004 to begin a church in the Vancouver, BC, area. After six years in Vancouver, the Lord moved us again, this time to Kelowna, BC, where Wes now pastors People's Baptist Church. We love the country of Canada. So much so that we've obtained permanent residence status and hope to live here the rest of our lives!

I write here about our daily life, such as ministry happenings, my dabbles in crafting, a recipe here and there, and a lot about our family. And I own an Etsy shop, as does my husband. We both collect and sell vintage items. He collects guy things, like old tins and bottles, and I collect girl things, like vintage doilies and other linens. And I also craft a few things to put in my shop every now and then.

I hope you'll take the time to look around a bit and get to know us. I like to imagine sitting at the table sipping coffee with a good friend when I write, and I hope you feel as welcome as you would be in person in our own home. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or even just to say, "Hey!"


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  1. Wow! So glad to have "met" you through your blog. Thanks for entering my giveaway. It's fun to meet fellow Christians through the blog world. Take care!


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